Good Memories at Port Brewing / The Lost Abbey

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Lost Abbey Brewery

It’s funny how some places take you back. Whether that’s back to home or just good memories, there’s something about the familiar that makes me enjoy a place more. The Lost Abbey is one of those places and it reminds me of when I first turned 21 – a great time in life for someone who enjoys beer. I was like many other 21 year olds and I only knew mixed drinks but I had made a trip to Four Peaks, my favorite brewery in Arizona and it changed the game for me completely. When I saw those big tanks and hoses on the ground right next to my table, I felt a part of the process that went into the beer I was drinking.

$1 Tasters at Lost Abbey

The Lost Abbey brings me back to that day with their barrels, tanks and whole operation right next to the bar. In fact, it’s a part of the bar since the whole area is basically the brewery with no chairs or tables. It’s part of the charm to this place because you get what you see – no frills, good beer and honest people. Every person behind that bar or in the back knows their stuff and is happy to answer questions. Sure some places like Stone Brewery are nice with tons of established beer and a huge (expensive) food menu, but this place doesn’t serve food and doesn’t even have seating. Plus, the beers on draft are all $5 or less!

Menu at Lost Abbey

Take a trip up to San Marcos and sample some of their brews like we did: with $1 tasters. This way you can work down the menu (just make sure you have a driver!). Operating in the same space, Port Brewing and Lost Abbey share a facility and are both owned by Port Brewing Company. What does this mean for you? Double the craft beer selection! And for us, this meant a lot of dollar tasters and a great afternoon with friends. If you like barrel aged beer or just a good atmosphere, give these guys a visit. Cheers!

 Shawn Massie and Ro EspinosaRo and I enjoying some quality beer.

Barrel Aged Beer at Lost AbbeyBarrel aging in process at Lost Abbey. Some of these were marked 2008.

Carnevale at Lost AbbeyCarnevale – Best of Show at San Diego International Beer Festival 2012.

$1 Tasters on Barrels$1 Tasters are the way to go.

Open Seating at Lost AbbeyOpen seating!


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