Torched Goodness

Posted by Shawn | Posted in Dessert, Food Trucks, French | Posted on 28-08-2010


Torched Goodness

Finally I have found a food truck in Scottsdale!  Ok, so they’re not really a secret these days (featured in New Times, various blogs and Arizona Republic) but they are worthy of one more bit of press.  The food and service is fantastic, which isn’t something usually used to describe a food truck.  But Chef Eric does a great job making his unique flavors of creme brulee in a fun environment where you can sit around and talk to him while enjoying it.  Today my choice was lemon but pictured below is his cappuccino flavor, a solid choice if you visit.

Cappuccino Creme Brulee

You can find the Torched Goodness truck at the North Scottsdale Farmer’s Market on Saturday mornings, located by 94th St and Shea Blvd.   The market has been growing bigger each week it seems and today I not only bought the creme brulee, but also some Apple Maple jelly from some little girl who was scary good at selling.  The purpose of this trip however was the food truck and walking up to him you can tell it was the purpose of a few others as well.

Chef Eric

The good thing is though that he only takes about a minute to finish each one since he has them prepared beforehand.  Don’t let that fool you though, because once he torches the sugar on top it comes out looking delicious.  As soon as I took it I dug in because its a nice cool temperature which helps with the outdoor heat.  When you bite in you get this soft, cool cream that tastes great followed by the crunch of the top.  It’s almost like candy and dessert at the same time.  How good does that sound?

Another good thing is the fact that these only cost $4.  For $4 you can choose from flavors such as cappuccino, lemon, chocolate, vanilla, s’mores and even peanut butter and jelly.  He is continually adding and removing flavors from the menu but it’s fun to see what he’ll have each week.

Creme Brulee

To top off the whole experience, Chef Eric is really friendly and will talk to you about what he does and why he does it.  At the moment he seems to be the only one in the valley doing creme brulee from a truck (hell, maybe even in the US), but he makes these with so much care that he looks like he wants to be the best creme brulee guy out there.  Hats off to Torched Goodness for the unique idea and great flavors.  Hopefully the valley will see a rise in the street food scene soon.