A Few Reasons I Love San Diego

Posted by Shawn | Posted in Craft Beer, Just For Fun | Posted on 16-11-2012


San Diego harbors everything I love in this world. Here are a few reasons why I am in a love affair with this city.

1. Beer Everywhere


Brandon Hernandez of San Diego Reader keeps his fingers on the pulse of everything beer in this town, and he just wrote about 3 new breweries on the way. As if we don’t have enough of them to cover the streets in 1 foot of beer, I welcome the addition of new players in the industry (if done right). I hate when businessmen looking to make buck take advantage of the burgeoning craft beer scene and produce shitty beer that’s not a result of love. I want people seriously committed to the craft.

That’s why I’m excited for these 3 new ones to hit San Diego soon. They all come from homebrewers or experienced brew masters who want to launch their own venture. Keep your eye out for Belching Beaver Brewery, Butcher’s Brewing and Saint Archer. Full article here.

Saint Archer Brewery

2. Beautiful Scenery in My Backyard


I live in Crown Point and every morning I pass over the bay on Ingraham St bridge to a beautiful sunrise over the mountains on my left and a clear blue sky / water scene to my right. Heading down the street I can ride my bike to small but crisp waves and enter an empty lineup looking back at the cliffs of Bird Rock.

Amplified Ale Works, located at the end of my street, took this picture here this morning and it sums up my love for my backyard.

Small Waves at Pacific Beach Drive

3. Gluttonous Food


I’m just going to quickly say I obviously love the food scene in San Diego. Here is an example that you can get your hands on today from 5pm to close at The Linkery. Deep…fried…bacon. Need I say more?

Deep Fried Bacon



Foodie Events This Week: Craft Beer, Local Small Plates and Sausage

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San Diego will be host to 3 great events this week that should please anyone calling themselves a foodie or beer geek.

A Taste of Summer

Hosted in Liberty Station this Friday, June 22nd, 10 of San Diego’s best chefs will be in attendance serving some of their best small plates and hors d’oeuvres. Chefs from Sea Rochet Bistro, Carnitas Snack Shack and Alchemy among others will be serving tasty bites using local and organic ingredients. Click the image for more details.

A Taste of Summer at Liberty Station

San Diego International Beer Festival

The San Diego County Fair has been drawing people all week to Del Mar (which you’ve probably noticed if you’ve drove on the 5 North last weekend). This weekend is sure to bring even more though when they host the 6th Annual Beer Festival showcasing more than 300 beers from almost 140 breweries. Friday and Saturday both have great sessions lined up but Sunday will have a San Diego beer focus. Visit San Diego Beer Festival for more details.


13 chefs will compete this Wednesday, June 20th for best sausage in town at LOUNGEsix in Downtown San Diego. Featuring a contest alongside Lost Abbey’s “Road to Helles” beer release, a golden German lager, this event will definitely be one I’ll be attending. If you wind up going, be sure to find me and help me take good photos of sausage and beer! Click image for more details.

SausageFest in Downtown San Diego

Picnic Table That Keeps Your Beer (or Wine) Cold

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This is quite possibly the coolest idea for a summer project I’ve seen.

DIY Picnic Table Cooler

Step 1: Remove the middle board of your picnic table.
Step 2: Attach a standard rain gutter to metal brackets.
Step 3: Bolt brackets to picnic table.
Step 4: Fill with ice and beer!

Picnic Table Cooler