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Posted by Shawn | Posted in Coffee & Tea | On 08-05-2012


Coffee and Tea Collective Bike in North Park

Coffee and Tea Collective on El Cajon Blvd in North Park is my newest addiction and I get my fix pretty often. Opened just months ago, Daniel Holcomb has added one more great cafe to the neighborhood but it shines when it comes to a great cup. I love working in the area and being able to walk to any of the 3 cafes immediately surrounding me but I’ll make the short drive to them when I’m really needing flavor with my caffeine fix.

Coffee in North Park San Diego

With great attention to detail, Daniel and team are using only specific beans from certain regions that they know will taste great and they’re handling them with care. They roast the beans on site and then offer the coffee in a limited menu of espresso and pour-over styles. I personally am not a coffee snob (people who know me say differently) but I really love their coffee and prefer it over some close competition.

Espresso at Coffee and Tea Collective

Look for their iced coffee if you want a kick that carries a lot of flavor or go for a regular pour-over. They also “secretly” offer slightly more complex beverages like an Iced Coconut Latte and others off the espresso machine.

Pour-Over Coffee Gif at Coffee and Tea Collective

Pour-over coffee here tastes amazing.

Cafe Interior in North Park

Conversations at Coffee and Tea Collective.

Espresso at Coffee and Tea Collective

Multi-tasking required.

Coffee Mug

Merchandise at C&TC.

Crowd at Coffee and Tea Collective

Plenty to do while you wait for your coffee.

Now Open

Coffee and Tea Collective is open for your morning fix!


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That has to be the coolest pouring image I’ve seen.

Thanks! Took some time to put that together but I love it.

I have been driving by the place and meaning to stop – now I will definitely swing in. It’s so close to home, I’m afraid it will become a new addiction!

This is the BEST coffee in San Diego that I have had. What would you say is their close competition? Love their logo too

Good question! I think in terms of straight up drip or toddy, nobody really comes close. Bird Rock Coffee comes close on the other drinks though but Daniel doesn’t claim to specialize in that. He just wants to deliver the best coffee, period.

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