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Italian Beef DeFalco's

DeFalco’s is in my opinion one of the best places in the valley to get fresh Italian food to go.  I know that sounds like a little bit of a niche but it’s surprisingly hard to find good Italian food that doesn’t require you to dine out and pay a big tab.  DeFalco’s fills that void for me and they do it with their fresh ingredients (which you can purchase separately since this a grocery store as well).  Everything from the fresh mozzarella and cherry tomatoes to their huge slabs of prosciutto and capicola entice you as you walk through the door.

macaroni at defalcos

At first you will think this is more of an Italian grocer than a deli that produces quality meals because they load the front area with boxed pastas, sauces and fresh loaves of bread.  But you’d be missing out if you didn’t order one of their sandwiches, pizzas or pastas off the menu in the back.  This place makes some of the best sandwiches like their Cold Combo with ham, salami, pepperoni, mortadella and provolone. The sandwiches are filling almost all the time and they come in a pretty good size, but the ingredients are so good that you’ll be happy you have so much good food to work with.  I sometimes just pick apart the sandwich to enjoy each slice by themselves.

Cold Combo at DeFalco's

Now while the items they sell are certainly worth browsing, their back case with cheeses and prepared sides is a must visit.  Make your way back there and you’ll see why. Before you do however, note that if you do plan on sitting and eating there, DeFalco’s has a nice patio and you can buy a bottle of wine there from the huge selection along the walls to go with your meal.

DeFalco's Scottsdale

As you approach the case, you might be greeted by one of the staff but it honestly depends on who is working.  I’ve had good experiences in there where the guys behind the counter will chat it up with me, and I have had fair experiences where they’re slammed and they keep it business only.  But I’ve never had a bad experience in there and you can usually find someone to ask questions to if you’re interested in one of their many items.

Eggplant Parmesan Scottsdale AZ

On to the food.  Can I just say that their tomato sauce is amazing? I don’t care if you get a philly cheesesteak, you need to put some sauce on that sandwich. I’ve ordered it on the side many times and it winds up on all my food in the end.  This also means though that some of their pasta dishes are perfectly suited for that sauce.  Their ravioli and eggplant parmesan are some of the better dishes I’d recommend. Stay away from the gnocchi in my opinion because its a little boring and it costs a little more than others, but if you really want gnocchi then get it because you’ll get tons of sauce!

Peroni and Wine

Pizzas here are also a great choice, especially when you’re trying to spend a little less.  Their pizzas can feed 2 people easily for $10 (White Pizza) and they’re delicious. Honestly their pizza might be the way to go if you’re looking to carry out because they’re a huge meal and you can get a 6 pack of Peroni to go with it. This time however I couldn’t say no to the Italian Beef sandwich with fried peppers and onions served next to au jus.  It was pretty good and definitely a filling meal which went perfect with a beer. Jeff got the Cold Combo because he can’t ever stray from that sandwich and Becky went with the eggplant parmesan which is also a great value.

Italian Beef DeFalco's

If you’re looking for a good meal that will fill you up and you want something fresh, I would recommend taking a trip down to DeFalco’s.  You’ll enjoy the food no matter what you order and you’ll probably walk out of there with a new favorite dish.

Tip: DeFalco’s sells bags of their pizza dough for $2 which work great with their other items you can buy for making pizza at home.

2334 N Scottsdale Road, Suite 133A
Scottsdale, Arizona 85257

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