Lucha Libre Tastes Better When You’re In The Golden Booth

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This past week a good friend and coworker decided to pack up and leave San Diego for Detroit. I know, I know… who the hell would do that right? Whatever his reasons we decided to treat him to a lunch fit for a king and that meant only one place – Lucha Libre. At the intersection of India and Washington streets in Mission Hills, this place has been featured in Man vs. Food and various other media. It’s no secret to San Diego residents but fewer have ever been worthy enough to sit in the golden booth.

Thunder SEO in the Golden Booth at Lucha Libre

Complete with gold cups, a candelabra of salsa and a diamond-ish centerpiece, the glorious golden booth sits alone in all its glory (in the corner next to the soda machine). Reserved for champions only (or anyone who makes a reservation), the booth was a perfect way to send Kevin off in style.

Tacos at Lucha Libre

Ok enough of that. On to the food. Lucha Libre makes a damn tasty burrito like their Surfin’ California. Filled with grilled steak, shrimp, french fries, pico de gallo, cheese and a chipotle sauce, this burrito featured by Adam on Man vs. Food is a winner. I personally go for the Classic California burrito because I like to stay away from shrimp in my Mexican food but anything on their menu is almost guaranteed to be good (and huge).

California Burrito

Other favorites here are the Tap Out Tacos and the Full Nelson Enchiladas. One huge plus to Lucha is their salsa bar in which I would be remiss if I didn’t mention. Next to the soda fountain (and Golden Booth!) is a bar of about 10 different salsas, each unique and completely different. Their mango salsa is amazing and a couple of their reds are good too but don’t miss out on their chipotle sauce. One meal for me usually means 5 salsas on 1 burrito (which sounds like the title of a food porno).

Salsa Bar at Lucha Libre in San Diego

Check Lucha Libre out next time you’re in Mission Hills or just driving by on the 5 freeway since it’s right off Washington.

The LuchadorThe Luchador pics in this place are great.

The Wall at Lucha LibreMore pictures of masked wrestlers to entertain you.

Racer 5 - Beer Selection at Lucha LibreGot to have some good beer to wash that California burrito down.

Brian Skarin Going to TownBrian Skarin going to town.

Pig Out at Carnitas Snack Shack

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Shack Pork Sandwich at Carnitas Snack Shack

Can I start by saying I never think of clever titles so when this post’s title came to mind, I pumped my fist in the air (I know it’s not that clever but it is for me!). Ok now that I got that little self promotion out of the way, let’s talk about Carnitas Snack Shack – my favorite lunch spot in North Park at the moment. Located on the side of University it’s not hard to miss with the giant pig on the roof and the usual line of people on the sidewalk. Lunchtime gets busy here and seating is limited so be prepared to stand a bit. That said, the food is seriously worth it.

The Line at Carnitas Snack Shack

The menu offers plenty of pork from their Shack Pork Sandwich (featured at the top) with pork schnitzel, pulled pork, bacon and pepperoncini pickle relish to their Carnitas Tacos with marinated pulled pork, fresh tomatoes and guacamole. If you love pork, you will not be disappointed. If you do not like pork however, well… I hear Sipz is a nice vegetarian option down the street.

The Menu at Carnitas Snack Shack

Prices are a bit higher for the portions but then again the quality here is so good that it makes up for it in my mind. See the menu above for an idea of what lunch will run you at Carnitas. The place is also pretty small with seating around back and a walk up window on the street. I think it’s part of the charm though that I’ve come to expect from a California taco stand or beachside burger joint.

Tacos at Carnitas Snack Shack

Carnitas doesn’t serve beer or any alcohol at the moment but being in the beer capital of the US and so close to 30th St., they have already applied for their liquor permit and they should be serving local beer by June. Combine some craft brews with two of those dangerously good tacos and you’ll probably find me here any day of the week.

Ordering Window at Carnitas Snack ShackChris ordering at the window on University in North Park.

Mural at Carnitas Snack ShackA reminder that you’re eating pork.

Carnitas Tacos in North ParkClose-up of the marinated pulled pork in their tacos.. delicious.

Kevin KnechtKevin Knecht – This is how he does tacos.

Cafe 21 – Breakfast in Downtown San Diego

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Breakfast Sign at Cafe 21 Downtown San Diego

If you ever find yourself in downtown San Diego on a Sunday morning and it’s due to a great Saturday night (read “hangover”) then stumble your way into Cafe 21 for the best breakfast you can get down there. I won’t even mention the plethora of drinks available for brunch like their Irish coffee and Bloody Marys but instead take you straight to the pictures. These images don’t do the deliciousness of all of their food full justice. Trust me, you need to go.

Cafe 21 French Toast French Toast with Golden Apples and Strawberry Sauce

Monique and Georgia at Cafe 21Monique and Georgia at Cafe 21

Bloody Marys at Cafe 21 in Downtown San DiegoBloody Marys with Prosciutto and a lot of bite

Lamb Sausage and Feta Cheese Omelet at Cafe 21Lamb Sausage and Goat Cheese Omelet with Bell Peppers

Apple Swiss Turkey SandwichApple Swiss sandwich with Turkey, Apples, Swiss and Cucumbers

Cafe 21 MenuThe Menu at Cafe 21

Short Rib Omelet at Cafe 21Short Rib Omelet with Goat Cheese and Bell Peppers

Cafe 21 Downtown San Diego InteriorInterior at Cafe 21 in Downtown San Diego

Pomegranate Mimosa at Cafe 21@MoniqueTheGeek with her Pomegranate Mimosa (follow her and @GeorgiaCHitch)

Picnic Table That Keeps Your Beer (or Wine) Cold

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This is quite possibly the coolest idea for a summer project I’ve seen.

DIY Picnic Table Cooler

Step 1: Remove the middle board of your picnic table.
Step 2: Attach a standard rain gutter to metal brackets.
Step 3: Bolt brackets to picnic table.
Step 4: Fill with ice and beer!

Picnic Table Cooler


Weekend Plans – March 9th

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Looking for some good events this weekend involving beer? San Diego never disappoints. Here are two great events at craft brew landmarks this weekend.

Stone’s 2012 March Madness Homebrew Competition

Stone's 2012 March Madness Homebrew Competiton

This Saturday Stone will be hosting an annual homebrew competition and AHA rally where one local winner will get their beer brewed at Stone and distributed nationally. Pretty cool prize for a homebrewer looking to make it big. 40 contestants were chosen from those who submitted their beers and this Saturday you can go to vote on which beer you like best. You will also get a Stone tasting glass and prizes will be raffled.

Price: $33 , Location: Stone Wold Bistro and Gardens, When: Saturday, 1 pm

CityBeat Beer Club’s 4th Anniversary

Head over to Blind Lady Ale House in Normal Heights for CityBeat’s 4th Anniversary Beer Club event where tickets get you the choice of 2 flights of six 5 oz tasters from the following beers.

Lee Chase at Blind Lady Ale House


Nautical Nut Brown
Little Devil
Horny Devil

New English IPA
Drakes 1500
GreenFlash West Coast IPA
Cismontane Coulter IPA
Hangar 24 Columbus IPA
Port Mongo Double IPA

Ommegang Witte
Russian River Damnation
Duvel Single
Rodenbach Grand Cru (sour)
Maredsous 10

Price: $35,  Location: Blind Lady Ale House, When: Monday, 7-11 pm